Foreign-Language (non-Japanese) Living Information

The Niigata City International Exchange Foundation publishes foreign-language newsletters that feature useful information about local news, culture, events, and interesting places to go and things to do in Niigata.

Newsletters are printed around the 1st of every month. Paper copies and past issues of our newsletters can always be found at Niigata City International Exchange Foundation. You can also find copies of the newest issue at your local ward office’s Foreign Residents Registration Window, many local universities and colleges, and at public libraries, public halls, community centers and participating business establishments.

If you would like to receive notifications and a download link for each new issue, please send an e-mail to (new email address) with the subject “Email Mailing List.” Please tell us your name, nationality, address and telephone number and you’ll be added to our mailing list!


The following guides are available in our office
 Niigata Tourist  Guide ENG / CHN / KOR / RUS
 Niigata City Tourist Guide Map ENG / CHN / KOR / RUS
 Guide to Living in Niigata City ENG / CHN
 Trash Sorting Encyclopedia ENG / CHN / KOR / RUS