My number

My Number- Individual Number System

                   My Number” is the name of Japan`s new social security and tax identification number. Every person in Japan will have their own, unique number. Your “Notification Card” that has your number on it should have been sent to your officially registered address sometime in October.

                   It is EXTREMELY important so handle it with care! Your individual number will be required for various government procedures as it will be linked to all tax related administration and paperwork.

                   For more information or if you have questions:

                                     Call Center @ 0570-20-0291 M-F 9:30-20:00; holidays/weekends 9:30-17:30 (support in multiple languages incl. Englis)

                                     Visit the official (English) website=>

                                     Come to the NCIEF office on the second floor of CrossPal Niigata